The Green Story

A Passion for Nature, A Passion for Being Green

GreenBeings recycling is a Veteran Owned, Woman Owned Business dedicated to upholding cradle to cradle principles. GreenBeings was a natural extension of my life after I gave birth to my daughter. As a mother my desire is to give my daughter love and the best of everything from the very beginning. Her health and nutrition are the groundwork for giving her the best; all natural and organic foods were just the beginning. From nutrition I turned my attention to products she was exposed to from clothing detergent to cleaning products. I washed her clothes with products that contained no dyes, no fragrance all natural ingredients and I cleaned with DYI natural ingredient products. While doing these things I became an environmentalist.

I began paying closer attention to what was going on around not just my daughter, but my family, my neighborhood, my city, state and nation. If environmentalist know anything we know there is not just one facet to environmental causes - pesticides, GMOs, deforestation, clean air, plastic and many many others. From the myriad environmental issues Recycling became my passion, everywhere you look there is a need, 80% of what we consumers use can be recycled. There are three phases to Greenbeings. The first and current phase is the pickup and delivery to a local recycling center. Phase two, own and operate Greenbeings' recycling center. The third and final phase is to manufacture Sustainable Building Material Manufacturing products as well as products made from recyclables.

GreenBeings - 3 Phases

Pickup and Delivery


Recycling Center Operation


Biodegradeable Product Development